Why use Professional Photos on your web site?

The other day I was about to order pizza for a bunch of primary school children. I normally don’t order pizza, but that was the demand of a bunch of kids, and I could not withstand the pressure. I searched the web for local pizzerias. There were two that were equally priced, and fairly highly rated by a significant number of customers. Which one was I to pick? Then I went on the two web sites, and the choice became very clear. One had professional pictures of beautiful pizzas, calzones and other Italian delicacies. The other had poor quality pictures posted by a few customers. Of course, I chose the one with prettier pictures – it was an easy choice.

It pays to spend a few hundred dollars to have pictures of your products professionally taken and posted on your web site. Speak to us – we have a professional photographer on staff to help you with your marketing needs.  

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