You have built your web site. Now what?


Now you need traffic. Your sales will not increase unless your site generates significant traffic. Your potential customers need to see and understand your products, services and capabilities. How do you generate traffic?

1.     Publish new materials such as blogs on a regular basis. Blog a few times a week – just put down some thoughts, useful and practical hints, interesting facts about your products or services and potential benefits will generate additional views. It’s very simple: The more you post – the more traffic you will generate!

2.     Search Engine Optimization is of the utmost importance. Using WordPress gives you the advantage of using permalinks, thus increasing click-through rates. Always use pretty permalinks to attract attention. Using Key Words potential customers look for is very helpful as well.

3.     Be active, but not pushy on social media. Share useful information on social media to keep people interested and share your content. People like to share useful content with friends and family.

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